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Unique watches. Summer sale!

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Diwali Gifting Options

Dear Sir / Ma’am,We have come up with beautiful range of Diwali gifting for Corporates. We make custom printed chocolates, where you can print the logo of your company on chocolates which are further packed in customised boxes with Diwali theme. You can also put Diwali greetings on butter paper which is placed inside the box.For more information, please visit would like to reach out to your company with these gifting solutions for Diwali. We would request you to please forward this email to the relevant person in your company taking care of Diwali gifting. Thank you for your co-operation.Regards,Navneet KumarChocoCraftF-1099, Ground Floor, PalamExtn, Sector 7 Dwarka,New Delhi 110077Contact Number- +91 11 6466 1101Mobile Number +91 96503 24035Reply Email Address- navneet.kumar