Software companies in Banaglore

1 Aryaka Networks India Pvt. Ltd.
2 Automated Workflow Private Limited Unit - II
3 First Media India Private Limited
4 ForwardBias Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
5 Gallagher Offshore Support Services Pvt. Ltd.
6 GrayMatter Software Services Pvt. Ltd.
7 Hexaware Technologies Limited
8 Intivia Informatics India Pvt. Ltd
9 ISPG Technologies India (P) Ltd
10 Lantiq Communications India Private Limited(F- Lantech Communications Private Limited)
11 Mepax Engineers Pvt. Ltd
12 Milestone Systems (India) Private Limited
13 Nettime Solutions India Private Limited
14 Newnet Techno Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.
15 Olive Tree Consultants India Priavte Limited
16 Playdom India Private limited
17 Pronto Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
18 Qualzoom Technologies Private Limited
19 Teleca Software Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd.
20 V. M. G BPO
21 Vayavya Labs Private limited
221FB Support Services Private Limited
2324/7 Customer.Com Pvt. Ltd.,
243D PLM Software Solutions Limited
253i Infotech Ltd
263MRT Software India Pvt Ltd
27Aaliptha Software Pvt Ltd-(Mysore)
28Aarbee Structures Private Limited
29Aayuja Technologies India Private Limited
30ABB Global Industries and Services Limited
31Able Design Engineering Services (P) Ltd
32Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd.,
33Accord Software & Systems Pvt. Ltd.,
34Achronix Semiconductor India Private Limited
35ACI Worldwide Solutions Private Limited
36Acropetal Technologies Ltd
37ActiveCubes Solutions India Pvt Ltd
38Acusis Software India Pvt. Ltd.,
39Acusis Software India Pvt. Ltd., - II (Mysore)
40Ad2pro Media Solutions Private Limited
41Adapchain solution Pvt Ltd
42ADC (India) Communications & Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,
43Adea International Private Limited
44Adea Technologies Pvt. Ltdhttp://www.idea.ccom
45Aditi Technologies Pvt. Ltd
46Aditi Technologies Pvt. Ltd. - Unit - II
47Aditya Birla Minacs IT Services Limited
48Aditya Birla Minacs Worldwide Limited
49Aditya Birla Minacs Worldwide Limited Unit II
50Adobe Systems India Pvt Ltd
51Adpro Softech Pvt. Ltd.,
52ADPS Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd
54Adwit Global
55Adylan Technologies Private Limited
56Aegis BPO Services Limited
57Aelix Communication Systems Pvt. Ltd.,
58Affiliated Computer Services of India Pvt. Ltd.,
59Airbus Engineering Centre India Private Limited
60Airvana Networks India Pvt. Ltd.,
61Ajax.Com Pvt. Ltd.
62AK Aerotek Software Centre Pvt. Ltd.,
63Akamai Technologies I pvt ltd
64Akuate Internet Service Pvt. Ltd.,
65Akuva Infotech Pvt Ltd
66Alcatel Lucent India Limited
67Alcatel Lucent India Limited
68Aldius Consulting Services Private Limited
69Alien Techno Solutions Private Limited
70Allegis Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
71Allied Worldwide Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
72Allsec Technologies Ltd
73Altair Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.,http://www,
74Alterian Technologies India Private Limited
75Altisource Business Solutions Private Limited
76Amazon Development Centre (India) Pvt. Ltd
77Amba Research (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
78Ambrado Solutions Private Limited
79AMD (I) Engineering Centre Pvt. Ltd.,
80American Power Conversion (India )Pvt Ltd-I
81Amerigo Structural Engineers Private Limited
82Amicorp Management India Pvt Ltd
83Amiti Software Technologies Pvt Ltd
84Analog Devices India Pvt. Ltd.,
85Analytica India Pvt. Ltd.,
86Analytics Quotient Services Pvt. Ltd
87Andor Tech (India) Private Limited
88Angus Consulting Engineering Private Limitedhttp://www.angusenginee
89Ankur Softech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,http://www.ankur
90ANSR Source India Pvt Ltd
91Antenna Software India Pvt. Ltd.,
92ANZ Operations & Technology Pvt Ltd
93AOL Online India Pvt.Ltd.
94AON Specialist Services Pvt. Ltd.,
95Aperto Networks India Private Limited Private Limited
97Apostek Software (I) Pvt. Ltd
98Applied Materials India Pvt Ltd
99Aptuit Laurus Private Limited
100Aquilonis Technologies Private Limited
101Arada Systems Pvt. Ltd.
102Arcot R&D Software Pvt Ltd
103Arctern Consulting Pvt Ltd
104Ariaa Computech Pvt. Ltd.
105Ariba Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.,
106Aricent Communications Pvt. Ltd.
107Aricent Technologies (Holdings) Ltd
108Aricent Technologies (Holdings) Ltd. -II
109Arisglobal Software Pvt. Ltd.
110ARM Embedded Technologies (P) Ltd
111Armstrong Design Pvt Ltd
112Arnov Business Solutions Private Limited
113Arowana Consulting Ltd.
114Arteria Technologies Private Limited
115Aruba Wirless Networks India Pvt Ltd
116Ascendum Solutions India Private Limited
117Ascendum Solutions India Pvt Ltd-II
118ASM Technologies Limited, Unit - II
119ASM Technologies Ltd.,
120Aspect technology Center (India) pvt Ltd
121Aspire Communications Pvt. Ltd., (Mysore)
122Asscent Infoserve Pvt. Ltd.,
123Assystem India Pvt Ltd
124ASV Cyber Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
125AT&T Global Business Services India Private Limited
126Atelierone Design Development Services Pvt. Ltd.,
127Atharva Libson Software Pvt. Ltd.,
128Atimi Software India Private Limited
129Atlantic Data Bureau Services Pvt. Ltd., (Mangalore)
130Atlas Systems Private Limited
131Atos Origin India Private Limited - Unit II
132Atos Origin India Pvt Ltd.
133Atrenta (India) Pvt Ltd
134Attra Infotech Pvt Ltd
135Augen Technologies Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.
136Austin Medical Solutions Private Limited
137Authoria Software Development Private Limited
138Avaya India Pvt Ltd
139Aveksa Software Technologies Pvt Ltd
140Avenda Systems India Pvt Ltd
141Aventeon Software (I) Pvt. Ltd.,
142Avestha Gengraine Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
143AXA Business Services Pvt. Ltd., - II
144AXA Group Solutions Private Limited
145Axa Technology Services India Private Limited
146Axentis Software Private Ltd.,
147Azul Systems (India) Pvt Ltd
148BA Systems India Pvt. Ltd.,
149Baba9 Web Software (P) Ltd.,
150Back Office Shared Services India Pvt. Ltd
151BAeHAL Software Ltd.,
152Bally Technologies Pvt Ltd
153Bangalore Software Services Pvt. Ltd.,
154Banyan Tree Infomedia LLP
155Basil Communications Private Limited
156Bateman Engineering (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
157BCD Travel India Private Limited
158BEA Systems India Technology Center Private Ltd
159Bearing Point India Pvt. Ltd.,
160Beceem Communications Pvt. Ltd.,
161Bensus Medical Solutions Private Limited
162BFSI Software Consulting Private Limited
163Bhilwara Scribe Private Limited
164Bilz Information & Technology Services Private Limited
165Binary Spectrum Softech Private Limited
166Biobase Databases India Private Limited
167BirlaSoft Ltd., Unit-II
168BizPivot.Com Pvt. Ltd.,
169BKA Software Pvt. Ltd.,
170Bloom Energy India Private Limited
171Blue Flame Internet Services Private Limited
172Blue Star Infotech Ltd., http://www,
173Boavista Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
174Borderless Access Panels Private Limited
175Brady Company India Pvt Ltd
176BrandSystems India Private Limited
177Brickwork India Pvt. Ltd.
178BridgeCo Software Services India Private Limited
179Bridgeline Software Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.,
180Brightsword Technologies Private Limited.
181Bristlecone India Ltd
182British Orient Infotel Private Limited
183Broadcom India Pvt. Ltd.,
184Broadcom India Research Private Limited
185BS&B Technologies Pvt Ltd.
186BTP Infoserve Pvt Ltd
187Business And Decision Software India Private Limited
188Business One Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
189Business Process Outsourcing (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
190Butterfield Fulcrum Fund Services (India) pvt ltd
191Byond Global Outsourcing Private Limited
192Byte Consulting Pvt. Ltd
193C Ahead Info Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
194C-Cubed Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
195Cadence Design Systems (India) Pvt Ltd
196Cades Digitech Pvt. Ltd.,
197CAE Simulation Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
198California Software Company Ltd
199Cambridge Solutions Ltd -II
200Cambridge Solutions Ltd.
201Cambridge Technology Enterprises Limited
202CAMO Software India Pvt.Ltd.
203Canarys Automations Pvt. Ltd
204Capco IT Services India Pvt Ltd
205Capgemini India Pvt Ltd
206Capita India Private Limited
207Capital One Services Private Limited
208Captronic Systems Private Limited
209Caravel Info Systems Pvt. Ltd.,
210Careernet Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
211Caterpillar commercial Pvt Ltd- Logistics Division Logistics Services India Pvt. Ltd.,)
212Caterpillar India Private Limited
213CBay Systems (I) Pvt Ltd
214Cbay Systems India Pvt Ltd-II
215CCE Software Pvt. Ltd.,
216CD-Adapco India Private Limited
217Cegedim Software India Private Limited
218Cellworks Research India Private Limited
219Celstream Technologies Private Limited
220CEM Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
221Cenduit (India) Services Pvt. Ltd.
222Centre for Consultancy and Research Pvt. Ltd.,
223Cepha Imaging Pvt. Ltd.,
224Cerner Healthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
225Cerulean Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.,
226ceTe Software Pvt. Ltd.
227CGI Information Systems & Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd.,
228Chelsio Communications Private Limited
229Chimera Technologies Private Limited
230Chipwerks Private Limited
231Cibersites India Pvt Ltd
232Cibersites India Pvt Ltd Unit-II
233Circle Source Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
234CISC Technology Pvt Ltd
235Cisco Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
236Cisco Systems Asia Services BV - India Branch
237Citadel Softlabs Private Limited
239Citec Information India Private Limited
240Citrix R&D India Private Limited
241CKS Consulting Pvt. Ltd.,
242CL Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,
243ClearWater Technology Services Pvt. Ltd.,
244Cnetric Enterprises Solutions Pvt Ltd
245Cognizant Technology Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd Unit-II
246Cognizant Technology Solutions India Ltd.,
247Collabera Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
248Collabis Consulting Private Limited
249COLT Technology Services India Private Limited
250Comat Technologies (P) Ltd -Mysore
251Comat Technologies (P) Ltd., - Bangalore
252Commerce Velocity (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
253Compassites Software Solutions Private Limited
254Compel Electronics India Private Limited
255Computer Sciences Corporation India Pvt Ltd
256Computer Sciences corporation India Pvt Ltd-III
257Computer sciences corporation India pvt ltd-IV
258Concurrent Technologies India Pvt. Ltd
259Condor Communication and Software Technology Pvt Ltd
260Conexgen Technologies (Bangalore) Pvt. Ltd
261Connex Info Systems Private Limited
262Connexion Semiconductors Pvt Ltd
263Consero Solutions India Ltd
264ConsultParagon Computer Professionals Pvt Ltd
265Continental Automotive Components (India) Private Limited
266Continuous Computing (I) Pvt. Ltd.
267ContinuServe Softech India Pvt. Ltd.,
268Control Component India Private Limitedhttp://www.ccivlve,com
269Control Infotech Ltd.,
270Control Systems Design And Development (I) Pvt. Ltd.
271Convergys India Services Pvt. Ltd.,
272Coral Digital Technologies Private Limited
273CoreEL Technologies (India) Private Limited
274CoreEL Technologies (India) Private Limited Unit-II
275Coreobjects India Pvt. Ltd.,
277Cortera Software Pvt. Ltd.
278Cortina Network Systems (P) Ltd
279Cosmic Circuits Private Limited
280Cosmic Strands ePublishing Pvt. Ltd.
281Cosmonet Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
282Costrategix Technologies Private Limited
283CR2 Software Pvt. Ltd.,
284Cranes Software International Ltd
285CRC Software India Pvt. Ltd.,
286Creative Genius Software India Pvt. Ltd.,
287Crimsonlogic India (P) Ltd
288CRM Infotek India Pvt Ltd
289CRMIT Solutions Private Limited
290Cross Domain Solutions Pvt Ltd
291Cross Tab Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd.,
292CSE Systems & Engineering (I) Pvt. Ltd.,
293CSM Software Pvt. Ltd.,
294CSR India Pvt Ltd
295CTE Global Solutions Pvt Ltd
296Curam Software International Pvt Limited
297Cymfony Net Pvt. Ltd.,
298Cypress Semiconductor Technology India Pvt. Ltd., - II
299Cypress Semiconductors Technology India Pvt. Ltd.,
300Cyquent Infotech Private Limited
301Data Collection Infotech (India) Pvt Ltd.
302Datafarm Pvt Ltd
303Datascribe Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,
304Datasol Software Lab Private Limited
305DBOI Global Services Private Limited
306Dearborn Electronics (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
307Deccan GIS Software Solutions Private Limited
308Decho Technology India Pvt Ltd
309Deemag Infotech Private Limited
310Delixus Software India Pvt Ltd
311Dell International Services India Private Limited.
312Delmia Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,(Deneb Hi-Tech India (P) Ltd)
313Delphi Automative Systems Ltd.,
314Denali Design Systems Private Limited
315Derrick Petroleum Services
316Dexcel Electronics Designs Pvt. Ltd.,
317Dgipro Design Automation & Marketing Pvt. Ltd.,
318Dhruva Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,
319DigiCaptions India Pvt. Ltd.,
320Digimaker India Pvt. Ltd.,
321Digimetrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
322Digital Chocolate IT And Gaming Solutions Pvt Ltd
323Digital Harbor Pvt Ltd.
324Digital Juice Animations Pvt. Ltd.,
325Digitech Information Technologies Private Limited
326Diksha Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
327Divitas Networks (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
328Diya Systems (Mangalore) Pvt Ltd(Mangalore)
329Dover India Pvt Ltd
330Dreamajax Technologies Pvt. Ltd (SC)
331DSP Technology India Private Limited
332DTS Information Systems Pvt. Ltd.,
333Ducont India Pvt Ltd
334E I Design Private Limited
335e-Associates India Private Limited
336E2 Solutions India Pvt.Ltd.,
337E2S Corp Technologies (I) Private Limited
338e4e Business Solutions India Pvt Ltd
339Easiprocess Private Limited
340ECI Telecom India Pvt Ltd
341EDRC Technologies India Private Limited
342Edutech Dimensions Pvt. Ltd.,
343Effone Technologies Private Ltd.
344Eka Designs Pvt. Ltd.,
345Eka Software Solutions Private Limited
346Ekomate Systems India Pvt. Ltd.,
347Electronics for Imaging (I) Pvt. Ltd.,(EFI)
348Emcon Technologies India Private Limited
349Emids Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
350Emmes Services ltd
351Empower Research Knowledge Services Pvt. Ltd
352Emqos Embedded Engineering Pvt Ltd
353EMTEC Software India Private Limited
354Emulex Communications Pvt. Ltd.
355En Pointe Technologies India Private Limited
356Encora Technologies Pvt Ltd
357Endeavour Software Technologies Pvt Ltd
358EniT Solutions Private Limited
359Enlighten Software Services Pvt Ltd
360Enteg Technologies Private Limited
361Enventure Technologies
362Envio Networks India Pvt Ltd
363Envision Financial Systems (I) Pvt Ltd
364Envision Network Technology Pvt Ltd
365Epigon Media Technologies Pvt Ltd
366Ernst & Young Pvt. Ltd.,
367ESA Software and Automation India Pvt.. Ltd.,
368ESI Software India Pvt. Ltd.,
369Estuate Software Private Limited
370Etisalat Software Solutions Private Limited
371eValueShops.Com Pvt. Ltd.,
372Everest Management Software Pvt Ltd
373Evershine Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,
374EVLG IP Profesional and Consulting Services Pvt ltd
375Evolving Systems Networks (I) Pvt. Ltd.,
376Evude Software Private Limited
377Excel Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd., -(Mysore)
378Exilant Technologies Private Limited
379Expert Outsource Pvt Ltd
380EYGBS (INDIA) Private Limited
381EZ Mediscribe Pvt. Ltd.,(Mysore)
382FaceTime Communications India Pvt Ltd
383Fair Isaac India Software Pvt Ltd.
384Feedback Business Consulting Services Private Limited
385Fiberlink Software Pvt. Ltd.,
386Fichtner Consulting Engineers India Private Limited
387Fidelity Business Services India (P) Ltd
388Fidelity Information Services India Private Limited
389Finalytics Transaction Solutions Private Limited
390Financial Objects Software (India) Pvt Ltd.
391Fiorano Software Technologies Pvt Ltd
392Firetide Networks Pvt. Ltd
393First Advantage Offshore Services Pvt. Ltd
394First American (India) Private Limited
395First Indian Corporation Private Limited (Unit III)
396First Indian Corporation Pvt. Ltd., - Unit II
397First Source Solutions Ltd - II
398First Source Solutions Ltd. - I
399First Source Solutions Ltd.-III
400Flatworld Solutions Private Limited
401Flexi Resources (Mangalore )
402Flextronics Design CEI Pvt Ltd,
403Flextronics Design Pvt Ltd
404Flowserve India Controls Private Limited, Unit - II
405Flowserve India Controls Pvt. Ltd.,
406FNF Business Process Outsourcing Services India Private Limited
407Focus Clinic Care Private Limited
408Focus Edu-Care Pvt Ltd
409Focus Softek Private Limited
410FocusMT India Private Limited
411Forbes Edumetry Ltd
412FordwardBias Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
413Fore Transcriptions Pvt. Ltd.,
414Foresee Information Systems Pvt. Ltd.,
415Foundation Systems Staffing Pvt Ltd
416Freescale Semiconductor India Pvt. Ltd.
417Friendly Advanced Software Technology Pvt Ltd
418Front Avenue Infosolutions Pvt Ltd
419G5 Solution Private Limited - Hubli
420Gainspan Systems India Private Limited
421Galax E-Solutions India Pvt Ltd
422GDS International (P) Ltd
423GE India Exports Pvt. Ltd ( GE Power Controls India Pvt. Ltd.,)
424GE Medical Systems (India) Private Limited
425GE Medical Systems India Pvt. Ltd.,Unit-II
426Genesys International Corporation Ltd.,
427Genisys Information Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
428Genisys Integrating Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
429Genisys Integrating Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd., - II
430Genpact India
431Geometric Limited
432GL Communications (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
433Global Automation India Pvt. Ltd.
434Global Delight Technologies Pvt. Ltd
435Global Delivery Centre-India Private Limited
436Global e-Business Operations Pvt Ltd - Unit - II
437Global e-Business Operations Pvt. Ltd. Unit-III
438Global e-Business Operations Pvt. Ltd.,
439Global Edge Software Ltd.,
440Globals ITES Private Limited
441Glow Networks Pvt. Ltd.,
442Gnostice Information Technologies Pvt Ltd
443Gokul Scribe Pvt Ltd.
444Goldman Sachs India Securities Private Limited
445Goldman Sachs Services (P) Ltd
446Goodrich Aerospace Services Pvt. Ltd.
447Google India Pvt Ltd
448Gradatim I.T. Ventures (India) Private Limited
449Grasko Solutions Private Limited
450Greytip Infotech Private Limited
451Griha Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
452Groupe SCE India Pvt. Ltd.
453GT Nexus Software Pvt Ltd
454GT Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
455GXP Consultants Pvt. Ltd.,
456GXS India Technology Centre Pvt Ltd
457Haplitus Technologies Private Limited
458Harman International (I) Private Limited
459HCL Comnet Systems & Services Limited, Unit - II
460HCL EAI Services Private Limited
461HCL Technologies Ltd
462HCL Technologies Ltd
463HCL Technologies Ltd - CMS - Unit I
464HCL Technologies Ltd - CMS - Unit III
465HCL Technologies Ltd- Unit-II
466HCL Technologies Ltd-CMS - Unit II
467Headstrong Services India Pvt. Ltd.
468HealthAsyst Pvt. Ltd.,
469Healthcare Process Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd
470Heartland information and Consultancy Services Pvt.Ltd
471Herman Miller Furniture (I) Pvt. Ltd
472Hewlett Packard India Ltd., - II (Dazel Div.,)
473Hewlett Packard India Sales Pvt Ltd
474Hewlett-Packard GlobalSoft Limited., - II
475Hewlett-Packard GlobalSoft Limited., - III
476Hewlett-Packard GlobalSoft Limited., - IV
477Hewlett-Packard GlobalSoft Limited., - V
478Hinduja Global Solutions Limited
479Honeywell Technology solutions Lab Pvt Ltd
480Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab Pvt Ltd-unit II
481Horner Engineering India Pvt Ltd
482HSB Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
483HSBC Electronics Data Processing India Pvt. Ltd.,
484HU Software India Pvt. Ltd.,
485Huawei Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., - II
486Human Base India Inc.,
487Hyder Consulting India Private Limited
488I Create Software India Private Limited
489i-flex Processing Services Limited
490I-Link Software Private Limited - Unit II
491I-Link Software Pvt. Ltd.,
492i2 Technologies India (P) Ltd- Unit II.
493i2 Technologies India (P) Ltd- Unit IV
494IBM Daksh Business Process Services P Ltd
495IBM India Pvt LTD-II
496IBS Software Services Private Limited
497IBSG Infotech Pvt. Ltd
498iCad Engineering Private Limited, Unit -II
499Icad engineering Pvt Ltd-I
500Ide-Pro Engineering Asia Pvt. Ltd.,
501Ideal Invent Technologies Pvt Ltd
502Ideasurge Solutions Pvt Ltd
503IDS Software Solutions (India) Private Limited
504IG Infotech (India) Pvt Ltd
505Igate Global Solutions Ltd - Unit II
506IGEFI Software India Private Limited
507Ignis Technologies Solutions Pvt Ltd
508IGS Imaging Services (I) Private Limited, Unit-IV
509IGS Imaging Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
510IGS Imaging Services India Pvt. Ltd.-II
511IGS Imaging Services India Pvt. Ltd.-III
512Ikanos Communication India Private Limited
513iLANTUS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
514Imaje Software Development Centre Pvt. Ltd.,
515Impelsys India Pvt. Ltd.,
516Implantaire Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd
517Inatech Infosolutions Pvt Ltd
518Incture Technologies Private Limited
519Indegene LifeSystems Pvt. Ltd.,
520Independent Technology Systems (India) Private Limited
521Indevor Soft-Tech Private Limited
522Index Lithography India Pvt. Ltd.
523Indo-Sakura Software Private Limited
524Indorion Networks Pvt. Ltd.,
525Indscape Softech Pvt. Ltd.,
526Indus Infoways Pvt. Ltd.,
527Induscorp (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
528Indusface Consulting Pvt Ltd
529Indygo Software Systems Private Limited
530Infineon Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.,
531Infinera India Pvt Ltd
532Infinite Computer Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.,
533Infinite Data Systems Private Limited
534Infobase India Development Centre Pvt. Ltd., Unit - II (Mysore)
535Infomaze Technologies and Solutions Pvt. Ltd
536Infoplant Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
537Infoprint India Pvt. Ltd.,-II
538Inform Architects Pvt Ltd
539Informatica Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
540Informatics-International Project Div.,
541Infoscript Services Pvt. Ltd.,
542Infosys BPO Ltd.-I http://
543Infosys BPO Ltd.-II http://
544Infosys Consulting India Limited
545Infosys Technologies Ltd., - (Mangalore) - I
546Infosys Technologies Ltd., - (Mangalore)-II (VII)
547Infosys Technologies Ltd., - (Mysore)
548Infosys Technologies Ltd., - Unit I
549Infosys Technologies Ltd., - V
550Infosys Technologies Ltd., - VI
551Infotech Enterprises Ltd - Unit II
552Infotech Enterprises Ltd.,
553Infotech Global (India) Ltd.,
554Infotech HAL Limited
555Ingersoll-Rand International (India) Limited
556InKnowTech Pvt. Ltd.,
557Inkrea Consulting Private Limited
558Insilica Semiconductors India (P) Ltd
559INSP India Software Development Pvt. Ltd
560Inszoom Software India Private Limited
561Intacct Software Pvt. Ltd.,
562Integra Micro Software Services Pvt. Ltd.
563Integra Micro Systems Pvt. Ltd.,
564Integral India Software Development Centre Pvt Ltd
565Intel Technology India Pvt. Ltd.,
566IntelliGroup Asia Pvt. Ltd.,
567IntelliNet Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.,
568Intellitech India Pvt. Ltd.
569Intent Design Private Limited
570Interra Systems India Pvt Ltd
571Intersil Analog Services Pvt. Ltd.,
572Intertec Communications Ltd.
573Intertec Softwares Pvt. Ltd.,
574Interwoven Software Services India Pvt. Ltd
575Intraspatial Softech Pvt. Ltd.,
576Intuit Technology Services Private Limited
577Invenger Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
578Invensis Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
579Invensoft Technologies Private Limited
580IonIdea Enterprise Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
581IonIdea Interactive Pvt. Ltd.,
582IP Soft India Pvt. Ltd.,
583IP Unity Communications Pvt Ltd
584iPass India Pvt. Ltd.
585iRely Soft Services (I) Pvt. Ltd.
586iRobot (India) Pvt. Ltd., (Mysore)
587iRunway India Private Limited
588Isense India Software Laboratories Private Limited
589ISL Software India Private Limited
590iSOFT Health Management (India) Private Limited
591iSOFT Health Services (India) Private Limited
592ITC Infotech India Limited
593ITTI Ltd., - II
594Ittiam Systems Pvt. Ltd.,
595Ivivity India Pvt Ltd
596J K Technosoft Limited
597J235 Software India Pvt. Ltd.,
598J2Logix India Pvt. Ltd.,
599Jamcraker Software Technologies Private Limited
600Jansys Technologies Private Limited
601Janya Converged Solutions Limited
602Jataayu Software Limited
603Javi Systems India Private Limited
604JBA Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,
605JetAvi Engineering Pvt Ltd
606Jin Information Systems (P) Ltd.,
607Johnson & Johnson Limited
608JP Morgan Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
609July Systems & Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
610Juniper Networks India Pvt Ltd
611K2 Network Private Limited
612Kaizen 4Front Technologies Private Limited- Mysore
613Kalido International LLC
614Kalki Communication Technologies Private Limited
615KALS Information Systems Ltd.,
616Kanachur Technologies Private Limited
617Kanrad Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd.,
618Kaparthy Infotech (P) Ltd.,(Mysore)
619Karnataka Microelectronic Design Centre Pvt. Ltd.(Manipal)
620Karuturi Networks Ltd.,
621Kaseya Software (I) Private Limited
622Katamaran Technologies Private Limited
623Katwa BPO Services Private Limited
624Katwa Infotech Ltd.,
625Kaveri Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
626Kawasaki Microelectronics.Inc-India Branchhttp://www/
627KBACE Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
628Keane International (India) Private Limited-III
629Keane International (India) Pvt Ltd
630Keane International (India) Pvt Ltd
631Kennametal Shared Services Private Limited
632Kesdee Systems India Pvt. Ltd.,
633Ketera Software India Private Limited
634Keystone Automotive Operations (India) Pvt. Ltd
635Keystone Logic Solutions Private Limited
636Khan Global Engineering Consultants Pvt.Ltd.,
637Kirloskar Computer Services Limited, Unit - II
638Kirusa Software Private Limited
639KMG Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,
640Knowledge Adventure (I) Pvt. Ltd
641Knowledge Point Online Services Pvt. Ltd.,
642Kodiak Networks India Pvt. Ltd.
643KPIT Cummins Global Business Solutions Limited
644KPIT Cummins Infosystems ltd-II
645KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd.,
646Ktwo Technology Solutions Private Limited
647Kuliza Technologies Private Limited
648L&T e-Engineering Solutions, a unit of Larsen & Toubro Ltd
649L&T-Valdel Engineering Ltd
650L10n Infopreneur Private Limited
651Lancesoft India Private Limited
652Lantech Communications Private Limited
653Larsen & Toubro Limited, EMSYS, Unit -II
654Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd., - Bangalore
655Larsen & Toubro Ltd.,(EmSyS)-(Mysore)
656Law and Marketing & Consulting Pvt Ltd
657Law Firm of Naren Thappeta
658Lenvica Software Technologies Pvt Ltd
659LG CNS Global Pvt. Ltd.,
660LG Soft India Pvt. Ltd.,
661Lifesize Communication India Pvt. Ltd
662Liquid Studios Pvt Ltd
663Lisle Technology Partners India (P) Ltd.,
664Logica Private Limited
665Logica Private Limited - II
666Logitate Software Solutions Private Limited
667Logix Microsystems Limited- Unit II
668Logix Microsystems Limited- Unit III
669Logix Microsystems Ltd- Unit IV
670Logix Microsystems Ltd.,
671Logix works Software Services Pvt Ltd
672Lotus GeoSolutions Pvt. Ltd.,
673LSI India Research & Development Private Limited Unit-I
674LSI India Research & Development Private Limited Unit-II
675LT Apparel Private Limited
676Lucid Imaging Private Limited
677M.K. Bannerjee Software Services Pvt. Ltd.,
678Maanya Software Technology Pvt Ltd
679Mach Teledata Systems Pvt Ltd
680Magma Design Automation India Pvt. Ltd.
681Magnasoft Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.,
682Magnus Advertising and Marketing (I) Private Limited
683Magnus eDesign Systems Private Limited
684Mahindra Engineering Services Limited
685Mainstay Teleservices Pvt. Ltd.,
686Maintec Technologies Pvt Ltd
687Makino India Pvt. Ltd.
688Manhattan Associates (I) Development Centre Pvt. Ltd.,
689Mani Systems Pvt. Ltd.,(Mysore)
690Manipal Digital Systems Private Limited
691Manipal Dot Net Pvt. Ltd.-(Mangalore)
692Manthan Semiconductors Pvt. Ltd
693Manthan Software Services Pvt. Ltd.,
694Manusis Technologies Private Limited
695Markelytics Solutions India Pvt Ltd
696Marketshare Technology Services (I) Private Limited
697Marlabs Software Private Limited Unit-II (Mysore)
698Marlabs Software Pvt. Ltd.,
699Marvell India Pvt Ltd
700Mascon Global Ltd.,
701MasterCom Techservices Private Limited
702Matrix Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
703Mavenir Systems Private Limited
704Maventic Innovative Solutions Pvt. Ltd
705Maxim India Integrated Circuit Design Pvt. Ltd.,
706McAfee Software (India) Private Limited
707McCreade Software (Asia) Pvt. Ltd.,
708McML Systems Pvt. Ltd.,
709Mcube Investment Software Pvt Ltd
710Mediscribe India Pvt. Ltd.,
711Mentorware India Pvt. Ltd.,
712Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India Private Limited
713Meritor LVS India Pvt. Ltd.
714Meritus Analytics India Pvt Ltd
715Meru Networks India Pvt Ltd
716mFormation Technologies Pvt Ltd
717MIAC Analytical Services Private Limited
718Micro Academy (I) Pvt. Ltd.,
719Microchip Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd
720Microfusion Bangalore Software Developers Private Limited
721Microland Ltd., Software & IT Services
722Micron Semiconductor India Pvt. Ltd
723Microsense Software Pvt. Ltd.,
724Microsoft India (R&D) Pvt Ltd
725Midwest Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,
726Mimas Solutions Pvt. Ltd
727Mindteck (India) Limited - Unit II
728Mindteck (India) Ltd.,
729Mindtree Ltd
730Mindtree Wireless Pvt Ltd
731Mirafra Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
732Mistral Solutions Pvt Ltd-II(F-Mistral Software Pvt. Ltd.)
733Misys Software Solutions (India) Private Limited
734ML Outsourcing Services Private Limited
735MNOP Software Systems Private Ltd
736MobiApps (India) Pvt, Ltd
737Mobile Aspects India Pvt Ltd
738Mobily Infotech India Private Limited
739Modelytics India Pvt. Ltd.,
740Monsanto Holdings Pvt Ltd
741Moog India Technology Centre Private Limited
742Mopat Business Solutions Pvt Ltd
743Motorola India (P) Ltd-Global Software Group-I
744Motorola India Pvt Ltd- CND
745Motorola India Pvt. Ltd - Unit V
746Movik Networks India Private Limited
747Mphasis Limited Unit - V
748Mphasis Limited, Unit - IV
749Mphasis Ltd -I (F-Mphasis BFL Ltd., (F-BFL Software Ltd)
750Mphasis Ltd-II (F-Mphasis BFL Ltd., - II (Bangalore) (F-BFL Software Ltd- Unit 11)
751Mphasis Ltd-III (F-Mphasis BFL Ltd- Unit III ( Merged with and function in name of MPhasis- Kshema Technologies Ltd., - I)
752Mphinite Technologies Private Limited
753MPS Ltd
754MSource (India) Pvt. Ltd.,(Bangalore)
755MSource (India) Pvt. Ltd.,(Mangalore)
756Mukunda e-Services Pvt. Ltd.,
757MuSigma Business Solutions Private Limitedhttp://www/
758MYIT Group India Pvt Ltd
759N S Infotech Pvt. Ltd., (Hubli)
760N. S. Infotech Limited Unit - II
761Naavinya CAD Soft Private Limited
762Nalapad Infotech Private Limited
763Narus Networks Private Limited
764National Marketing Services Pvt Ltd
765Natsem India Designs Pvt. Ltd.,
766Natural Search Internet Solutions Private Limited
767Navitas Consulting Pvt Ltd
768NCMR Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
769NDS Services Pay- TV Technology Pvt. Ltd.
770Neev Information Technologies Private Limited
771NeilMed Devices Private Limited
772Neilsoft Ltd Unit-II (Hubli)
773NeiWave Software Private Limited
774Neobytes Software Solutions Private Limited
775NeoIT.Com Pvt. Ltd.,
776Ness Technologies (India) Ltd ( Apar Technologies Ltd.,)
777Net Logic Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd.,
778Net Positive Business Analytics Private Limited
779NetApp India Private Limited
780NetContinuum Pvt. Ltd.,
781NetScout Systems Software India Private Limited
782Netxen Systems (I) Private Limited
783New Creation Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
784Newgen Imaging Systems (P) Ltd.,
785NewScale Software Pvt. Ltd.,
786Nexgen Technology Services Private Limited
787Nexshore Technologies Private Limited(Mysore)
788NextEdge Software Solutions Pvt Ltd
789NextLinx India Pvt. Ltd.,
790NG Microsystems India Private Limited
791Nichi-In Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
792NIIT Technologies Ltd.
793Niju Scribe Pvt. Ltd.,
794Nikan Teletrak Pvt. Ltd.,
795Nikkel India Exports Corporation
796Ninestars Information Technologies Limited
797Nipi Software Private Limited-Mysore
798Nirvana Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
799NKE Electronics & Communications Pvt Ltd
800Nokia India Pvt. Ltd.,
801Nokia Siemens Networks India Pvt LTd
802Nokia Siemens Networks India Pvt Ltd
803Northern Operating Services Private Limited
804Nous Enterprises Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
805NOUS Infosystems Pvt. Ltd.,
806Novell India Private Limited
807Novell Software Development (I) Pvt. Ltd.,
808Novellus Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
809NT5 Software Solutions (India) Private Ltd.,
810Nusym Technology India Private Limited
811NuWare Systems Pvt. Ltd.,
812NVIDIA Graphics Pvt Ltd
813NXP Semiconductors India Pvt. Ltd.
814Oak labs india Pvt Ltd
815Oakdene (I) Software Services Pvt Ltd
816OAT Systems Software (India) Pvt Ltd.,http://www.oatsystems,com
817Objectwin Technology India Private Limited
818Obsidian Software Pvt Ltd
819Ocwen Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
820Odessa Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
821Ogilvy & Mather Private Limited
822OMH Healthcare India Pvt Ltd
823Omnesys Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
824Omnicell Corporation (India) Pvt Ltd
825OnMobile Global Ltd
826Open Silicon Research Pvt Ltd
827Openstream Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.,
828Operative Media (I) Pvt. Ltd
829Optimal Solutions Integration Software Pvt Ltd
830Optis Information Services India Pvt Ltd
831Oracle Financial Services Software Limited-II services
832Oracle Financial Services Software Limited-III services
833Oracle India Pvt Ltd., Unit-III
834Oracle India Pvt. Ltd
835Oracle India Pvt. Ltd
836Oracle India Pvt. Ltd.
837Oracle Solutions Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
838Orca Radio Systems India Private Limited
839Orchesys IT Services Private Limited
840Osprosys Software Private Limited
841OTTO Hofstetter India Pvt. Ltd.,
842Outsmart360 Outsourcing Private Limited
843P3 India Consulting Private Limited
844PA Consulting Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
845PacketMotion India Development Centre Private Limited
846PAIREE Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,
847Pana Infotech Private Limited
848Pantani India Software Private Limited
849Parakh Technologies (India) Pvt.Ltd
850Parc Technology Research Lab Pvt. Ltd.,
851Pathpartner Technology consulting pvt. Ltd
852Patni Computer SystemsLtd.,Unit-II
853Paxterra Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd
854Pen Arbor Infotech Pvt Ltd
855Perot Systems TSI India Private Limited
856Perot Systems TSI India Private Lmited Unit-II
857Perry Johnson Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd.
858PharmaNet Clinical Services Pvt Ltd
859Pharmarc Analytic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
860Philips Electronics India Ltd
861Pinakin Software Pvt. Ltd.,
862PIXEL Infotek Pvt. Ltd.,
863Pixel Softech Private Limited
864PLM Technologies Private Limited
865PMC-Sierra India Pvt Ltd
866Poet Consultants Private Limited
867Point Cross.Com Pvt. Ltd.,
868Poseidon Design Systems Pvt Ltd
869Position2 Marketing Private Limited
870Pradot Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
871Pramata Knowledge Solutions Pvt Ltd
872Prism Networks Pvt. Ltd.,
873ProactiveNet Software Pvt. Ltd.,
874Processor Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
875Professional Access Software Development Pvt Ltd
876Proland Software Pvt. Ltd.,
877Proof Systems India Private Limited
878Proteans Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
879Pstpi_registrationsikaas Interactive Services Private Limited
880PTL Software (India) Pvt. Ltd
881Pulsecore Semiconductor (India) (P) Ltd
882QSO Technologies India Private Limited
883Quadwave Technologies Private Limited
884Qualcomm India Pvt. Ltd.
885Qualitree Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
886Quality Engg. & S/W Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
887Quantum BSO & Tech Pvt. Ltd.
888QuantumThink Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
889Quest Informatics Pvt. Ltd.,
890QuickCut India Pvt. Ltd.,
891QuickLogic Software India Pvt. Ltd.,
892Quinnox Consultancy Services Limited, Unit - II
893Quinnox Consultancy Services Ltd
894Quintiles Data Processing Centre India Private Limited
895Quintiles Technologies (I) Pvt Ltd
896Qwest Telecom Software Services Pvt Ltd
897R2K Software India (P) Ltd
898Radiant Info Systems Limited
899Rambus Chip Technologies India Pvt Ltd
900Ranal Engineering Services Private Limited
901Ranal Software Solutions (P) Ltd
902Rao Computer Consultants Private Limited
903Rapid Global Business Solutions India Pvt Ltd
904Rarefind Engineering Innovations Pvt. Ltd.,
905Razorgator Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
906Razorsight Software Pvt Ltd
907RCN Tech
908React Media Pvt Ltd
909Read-Ink Technologies Pvt Ltd
910Readiminds Systems & Services (I) Pvt. Ltd.,
911Real Soft (INTL) Private Limited
912Rebaca Technologies Pvt Ltd
913RedPrairie Technologies India Private Limited
914Reduxi Software Technologies Pvt Ltd.
915Relay Innovation Solutions Private Limited
916Reli e Marg Software Consultant Pvt. Ltd.,(Mysore)
917Religare Technova Global Solutions Limited
918RelQ Software Pvt. Ltd.,
919Replicon Software India Private Limited
920REVtech Solutions India Private Limited
921Riddhi IT Solutions (India) Private Limited
922RiteScribe Med Info Pvt. Ltd.,(Hubli)
923RMi Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd.
924Roamware India Private Limited
925Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Limited
926Robosoft Technologies _ (Mangalore)
927RR Eternal Technologies Private Limited
928Rrap Software Pvt. Ltd.,
929S R Nova Pvt. Ltd.,
930S7 Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
931Saankhya TechNeering Private Limited
932Sabre Travel Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
933Safer Information Systems Pvt. Ltd.
934Safran Aerospace India Pvt. Ltd.,
935Saggezza India Pvt. Ltd.,
936Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. Ltd.,
937Samsung India Software Operations Pvt. Ltd.
938Sanah Infoway Private Limited
939Sandisk India Device Design Centre Private Limited
940Sankalp Semiconductor Pvt Ltd
941Sanovi Technologies Pvt Ltd
942SANYO LSI Technology India Pvt. Ltd.,
943SAP India Private Limited
944SAP Labs India Pvt Ltd. Unit-II
945SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd., -unit 1
946Sapient Corporation Pvt Ltd- Unit II
947Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd., - II
948Sasken Network Engineering Limited
949Satyam Computer Services - Unit
950Satyam Computer Services Ltd., -
951Satyam Computer Services Ltd., -
952Satyam Venture Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd.,
953SBG Software Pvt. Ltd.,
954SCA Technolgies Inida Pvt. Ltd.,
955ScanCafe Digital Solutions Private Limited
956Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd.
957Scicom Contact Centre Services Pvt Ltd.
958Scope International Private Limited
959Scriptacom BPO Systems Private Limited
960SDD Global Soloutions Pvt. Ltd.,
961Search Agency Performance Marketing India Private Limietd
962Search Marketing Agency Pvt. Ltd.
963Seaton India IT Pvt Ltd
964Sepit Soft Tech Pvt. Ltd.
965Serial Innovations India Private Limited
966Shams Healthcare Software Services Pvt. Ltd.
967Sharp Software Development India Pvt. Ltd.,
968Sheorey Digital Systems Limited
969Shiv e-Publishing Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
970Shore Consulting Pvt. Ltd.,
971Sidus Architects & Engineers Pvt Ltd
972Sidvin Core - Tech (India) Pvt Ltd
973Siemens Information Processing Services Pvt. Ltd.
974Siemens Information Systems Ltd (Unit -III) - Medical Appl.Div
975Siemens Information Systems Ltd.,
976Siemens Information Systems Ltd., Unit-IV
977Sierra Design Automation Private Limited
978Sigma Infosolutions Private Limited
979Silicomp India Pvt. Ltd.
980Silicon Hive Electronics Private Limited
981Silver Atena Electronics Systems (I) Private Limited
982Simplex Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
983SingleTusk Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
984Sitel Operating Corporation India Pvt Ltd
985Skelta Software Pvt Ltd
986SLK Global BPO Services Pvt. Ltd.
987SLK Software Services Pvt. Ltd.,
988SM Netserve Technologies Private Limited
989Smartplay Technologies (India) Private Limited
990SOA IT Solutiions Pvt Ltd.,
991Sobha Renaissance Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.,
992Sobis Software (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
993Societe Generale Global Solutions Centre Pvt Ltd
994Sofra Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd
995Softbrands India Pvt. Ltd.
996Softjin Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
997Softline Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd
998Software Connections
999Software Paradigms (India) Financial Services Private Limited
1000Software Paradigms (India) Pvt. Ltd.,- (Mysore)
1001Software Paradigms Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Unit - II
1002Software Quality Center Private Limited
1003Solidam India Software Private Limited
1004Soliton Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
1005Sonata Software Ltd, Unit-IIhttp://www.sonata
1006Sonata Software Ltd.,
1007SonicWall Infosecurity Private Limited
1008Sonim Technologies India Pvt Ltd
1009Sonoa Networks (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
1010Sonus Networks India Private Limited
1011Source Code Infotech Bangalore Pvt. Lt.d,
1012Sourcebits Technologies Private Limited
1013SourceEdge Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
1014Southside Technologies Private Limited
1015SPA Computers Pvt Ltd
1016SPAN Infotech India Pvt. Ltd.
1017Span Infotech India Pvt. Ltd. - II
1018Span Outsourcing (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
1019Spectra Linear India Private Limited
1020Speech 2 Text Medical Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd
1021Spheris India (P) Ltd
1022SPI Software Technologies Pvt Ltd
1023Spider Logic India Private Limited
1024Spudnik Systems Private Limited
1025SQA Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
1026Sri Pranav Technologies (Bangalore) Pvt. Ltd.,
1027Srishti Software Pvt. Ltd.,
1028SSGA Investment Research Services Private Limited
1029ST Microelectronics Pvt. Ltd.,
1030ST-Ericsson India Pvt ltd
1031Staccato Communications India Pvt Ltd
1032Stafford Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
1033STAG Software Pvt. Ltd.,
1034Star Touch India Pvt Ltd
1035Starent Networks India Pvt Ltd
1037Stats Systems India Private Limited
1038Stellaris Technologies Pvt. Lt.d (Mysore)
1039Sterling Commerce Solutions I Pvt Ltd
1040Stoke Networks Private Limited
1041Strand lifesciences Pvt Ltd
1042Strategic Outsourcing Services Pvt Ltd.
1043Stratify Software India Pvt. Ltd.,
1044Stratstpi_registrationsO Analytics and Consulting Private Limited
1045Strumsoft India Pvt Ltd
1046Stylus Systems Pvt. Ltd.,
1047Subex Technologies Ltd.,
1048SuccessFactors Business Solutions India Private Limited
1049Sun Microsystems India Pvt. Ltd.,
1050Sungard solutions I pvt ltd (
1051Sungard Solutions India Private Limited, Unit-II
1052SunQuest Information Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd
1053Sunsmart Systems Private Limited
1054Supervalu Services India Private Limited India Private Limited
1056Swiss Re Shared Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
1057Sykes Enterprises (I) Pvt. Ltd.,
1058Sylantro Software India Pvt Ltd
1059Symbion Pathology India Private Limited
1060Symbol Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.,
1061Symphony Marketing Solutions India Private Limited
1062Symphony Services Corporation (ndia) pvt. Ltd
1063Synchronized Communications Private Limited
1064Synergia Consultants Pvt Ltd
1065Synergy Business Solutions India Private Limited
1066Synfora (India) Engineering Center Pvt Ltd
1067Synopsys (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
1068Synova Innovative Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
1069Synowledge PV Services India Private Limited
1070Syntax Soft-Tech India Pvt Ltd
1071Sys Information Healthcare India Private Limited
1072System Consultant Information India (P)
1073Systems Advisers Software Services Private Limited
1074Talete Geo Spatial Pvt. Ltd
1075Talisma Corporation Pvt. Ltd.,
1076Tandberg Technology (I) Private Limited
1077Tantra Infosulutions Private Limited
1078Tarams Software Technologies Pvt Ltd.,
1079Tarang Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
1080Target Corporation India Pvt Ltd
1081Tarshan Software Services Private Limited
1082Tata consultancy Ltd - Unit 8
1083Tata Consultancy Services - Unit 2
1084Tata Consultancy Services Limited Unit-X
1085Tata Consultancy Services Limited-Unit VI
1086Tata Consultancy Services Ltd - Unit 3
1087Tata Consultancy Services Ltd - Unit 4
1088Tata Consultancy Services Ltd - Unit 5
1089Tata Consultancy Services Ltd - Unit VII
1090Tata Consultancy Services Ltd- Unit 9
1091Tata Elxsi Ltd, Unit-II
1092Tata Elxsi Ltd.,
1093Tavant Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.,
1094Tavari Software Pvt Ltd
1095Tayana software solutions pvt ltd
1096TCE Consulting Engineers Ltd.,
1097TCL Software Testing India Private Limited
1098Tech Mahindra Limited
1099Tech Mahindra Limited-II
1100Tech Mahindra ltd-III
1101TechJini Services Private Limited
1102Techmill Technologies Private Limited
1103Technoforte Software Pvt. Ltd.,
1104Technosoft Global Services (P) Ltd.
1105Technotree Convergence Limited
1106Technovations Software Pvt. Ltd.,(Mysore)
1107Tejas Networks India Pvt. Ltd.,
1108Tektronix Engineering Development (India) Ltd.,
1109Telelogic India Pvt Ltd
1110Teleradiology Solutions Pvt Ltd
1111Teranetics Semiconductor India Private Limited
1112Terradune Sciences Pvt. Ltd.,
1113TESCO Hindustan Service Centre (P) Ltd
1114Tescra Software Private Limited
1115Tesla Semiconductor Private Limited
1116Tessolve Services Pvt. Ltd.,
1117Testree Solution Pvt. Ltd.,
1118Texas Instruments (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
1119Textron India Pvt. Ltd.
1120Theorem (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
1121Think Ahead Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd.,
1122Think3 Designs India Pvt. Ltd.,
1123Thinksoft Global Services Limited
1124Third Millenium Test Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
1125Tholons knowledge management Pvt ltd
1126Thomas White india pvt ltd
1127Thomson Corporation (International) Private Limited
1128Thomson Corporation (International) Private Limited-Unit-II
1129Thomson Corporation (International)Pvt.Ltd.,Unit-III
1130Thorogood Associates India Pvt Ltd
1131Thoughtworks Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.,
1132Thunga Software Pvt. Ltd.,
1133Tisa Software Consultants Private Limited
1134TLI Software Pvt Ltd
1135Tomax India Software Pvt Ltd
1136Torry Harris Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
1137Toshiba Embedded Software India Pvt. Ltd.
1138Transera Communications Priavate Limited
1139Transmedia IT Services (India) Private Limited
1140Transwitch India Private Limited
1141Transworld ICT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
1142Tratum Technologies Private Limited
1143TRC Engineering I Pvt Ltd
1144Trellisys.Net Pvt Ltdhttp://www.trellisys,net
1145Trianz Consulting Pvt. Ltd.,
1146Tricon Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,
1147Trigent Software Ltd.,
1148Trigent Software Ltd., Unit-II
1149Trilogy e-Business Software India Pvt. Ltd.,
1150Triumph India Software Services Private Limited
1151Trivium eSolutions Private Limited
1152TriVium India Software Pvt. Ltd.,
1153TRX Technologies India Private Limited
1154Tryarc India Software Operations Pvt Ltd
1155TurningPoint Software Solutions Pvt Ltdhttp://www,
1156Tyfone Communications Development (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
1157U4EA Wireless India Private Limited
1158Udison Infoware Pvt Ltd
1159UL India Pvt Ltd.
1160Unibiz Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.
1161Unicita Consulting (P) Ltd
1162Unilog Content Solutions Private Limited, Unit - II
1163Unilog Content Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
1164Unisoft India Pvt. Ltd.,
1165Unisys Global Services India
1166Unitus Webservices Pvt. Ltd.
1167Utile Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd
1168Utthunga Technologies Private Limited
1169UXL Information Technologies Private Limited
1170V. M. G BPO
1171V2Soft Pvt. Ltd.,
1172Vaakya Technologies Pvt Ltd
1173Valdel Engineers & Constructors Private Limited Unit - III
1174Valdel Engineers and Constructors Pvt. Ltd.,Unit-II
1175ValleySpeak Softwares (Pvt.) Ltd., (Mysore)
1176Valtech India Systems PVt Ltd -Unit - II
1177Valtech India Systems pvt ltd-III
1178Vanguard Info-solutions (Bangalore) Pvt. Ltd
1179Vantage Agora Marketing Pvt. Ltd
1180Vanu India Private Limited
1181VarIS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
1182Vayuguru Systems Private Limited
1183Vee Imaging Solutions Private Limited
1184Vee Technologies (P Ltd
1185Vega Information Systems Pvt. Ltd.
1186Vehma Engineering Solutions India Private Limited
1187Velankani Software Pvt. Ltd.
1188Veloz Software Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
1189Vendio Technologies India Private Limited
1190Vennar Soft Systems Pvt. Ltd.,
1191Verifone India Technology Pvt. Ltd.,
1192Verisign Services India Ltd
1193Verismo Networks Pvt. Ltd.,
1194Veveo (India) Pvt. Ltd.
1195Vignani Technologies Private Limited
1196Vinjey Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.,
1197Virident Systems Private Limited
1198VisionXtreme Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
1199Viteos Capital Market Services Ltd
1200VIZ Tek BPO Solutions Pvt. Ltd - Hublihttp://www..gvt
1201vMoksha Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
1202Vmware Software India Private Limited
1203Voith Engineering Services Private Limited
1204Volen Software Services Pvt. Ltd.,
1205Volvo India Pvt Ltd - STP Division
1206Vserve 247 Solutions Private Limited
1207Vsimplify Software India Private Limited
1208VTI Instruments Pvt Ltd.
1209Vtiger Systems (India) Private Limited
1210VVS Software & Solutions Pvt Ltd (Mysore)
1211VXL Instruments Limited
1212Vyshnavi Information Technologies (I) Pvt Ltd
1213Vyuha Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
1214Webb Technology Centre Pvt. Ltd.,
1215Webcetera Software Solutions Pvt Ltd
1216WebMethods Development Center (India) Pvt. Lt.d,
1217Webyog Softworks Pvt. Ltd.,
1218Whizchip Design Technologies Private Limited
1219Willow TV Pvt. Ltd. http://www..wtv
1220Winfoware Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
1221Winstratan Software Solutions (P) Ltd
1222Winwire Technologies India Private Limited
1223Wipro GE Healthcare Pvt Ltd
1224Wipro Ltd., (Systems Div.,) (Lavelle Road)
1225Wipro Ltd., Unit-IV (Hobli)
1226WisdomLeaf Technologies Pvt Ltd
1227Wisor Telecom India Pvt. Ltd.,
1228Wit Innovation Technologies Pvt. Ltd
1229WNS Global services Pvt Ltd
1230WNS Global services Pvt Ltd-II
1231WPA World Class Services (India) Private Limited
1232WS Atkins (India) Pvt Ltd
1233Wuerth Elektronik India Pvt. Ltd.
1234Wyse Technology Software Development (I) Pvt. Ltd.
1235Xactly Technologies India Private Limited
1236Xalted Information Systems Pvt. Ltd.,
1237Xcaliber Virtual Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
1238Xora Software Systems Pvt Ltd
1239Xsysys Technologies (P) Ltd
1240Xyka Software Private Limited
1241Xyka Software Private Limited
1242Yahoo Software Development India Pvt Ltd
1243Yell Adworks India Private Limited
1244Yetticate Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
1245YL Eservices Pvt Ltd
1246Yodlee.Com Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,
1247Yokogawa IA Technologies India Private Limited
1248Zenith Software Limited - Unit II
1249Zenith Software Ltd.,
1250Zeta Cyber Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,(Mangalore)
1251ZeusCorp Legal Process Private Limited
1252Zillion Research India Private Limited
1253ZiLOG India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.,
1254ZTE India R&D Center Pvt Ltd
1255Zyme Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
1256Zynga Game Network India Pvt. Ltd.


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